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Dana Elise Solutions is Beverly Hills' premier full-service skincare spa, dedicated to delivering truly transformative results to our clients by providing the most progressive skincare options available today. As a leader in the art of skincare and the science of hair removal, and a carefully-chosen selection of other aesthetic services, we offer safe and effective solutions for your most troublesome skincare problems. Our client care is as thorough as it is thoughtful, and our unique fusion of health, beauty and science is an all-inclusive approach that promotes inner health, outer beauty and greater self-confidence. With Dana Elise, L.R.E. at the helm, and a team that has been meticulously trained to provide you with the custom-designed treatment program that will fulfill your every skincare dream.


Dana Elise has been a leader in the art and science of skincare and hair removal for more than 30 years. With a stellar reputation for excellence, artistry and attention to detail, as well as honesty and attentive client care, Dana has built a practice made up of top Hollywood talent, corporate and entertainment industry executives, and other men and women committed to taking the best possible care of themselves in a demanding, competitive marketplace.

Working with and referred by the top dermatologists, plastic surgeons and endocrinologists in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and surrounding areas, Dana has dedicated her career to helping clients achieve the aesthetic image they most desire and improve self-esteem.

Mission Statement: Through the Fusion of Health, Beauty and Science we are here to provide our clients with effective, safe, and healing treatments for anti-aging, permanent hair removal, and beautiful healthy skin by making dramatic changes in our client's appearance for their ultimate self-confidence and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

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